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Jasmine Brown Sugar Voluspa for women

Jasmine Brown Sugar Voluspa for women
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main accords
white floral

Jasmine Brown Sugar blends pure jasmine absolute, warm brown sugar, pink freesia, Madagascar vanilla and Nag Champa incense.

Floraison collection of fine fragrances from Voluspa recreates scents of nature's most dramatic flowers in full bloom. Floraison is French for "flowering or to bloom”. Each glass bottle comes in a beautiful box and a silk bag.

It is available in a 130 ml bottle.

Perfume rating: 3.86 out of 5 with 36 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Jasmine Sugar Freesia Vanille Incense

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Jasmine Brown Sugar Fragrance Reviews


I can have difficulty differentiate betwwen sweet notes, but the perfectly executed insence balances things out very nicely. So much that I am now looking to purchase a second bottle.

The sweetness in Voluspa's Jasmine Brown Sugar is totally different. It is a very heady floral first. The sugary sweetness serves to buttress the jasmine and nag champa, and ties the composition together. Sugar doesn't scream over the floral accord.

I tested it while shopping at a natural cosmetics shop in Morro Bay. I am always on the lookout for heady exotic florals. I love the sultry scent of tropical florals, so the sweet and heady Jasmine Brown Sugar won me over instantly.

I think the fact that the ingredients are top notch was what sold me, giving the scent depth and complexity. Nothing artificial here!

I can understand why some might feel this to be just too sweet. There's different tastes, and chemistry is everything. adrien99's review split my gut it was so funny!
I love that this recalls those long giddy summer days of childhood, when amusement park rides, the beach and too much sun makes you giddy. I love reading the different reactions to this summer day of childhood captured in a bottle.


Imposible to find in Spain, and very difficult to find an online store that ships to Europe, so I have paid more for the shipping to Spain than for the actual bottle, and it's been totally worth it. Voluspa Jasmine Brown Sugar is an incensey (nag champa)candied white floral, it has a tropical vibe and actually it's pretty similar to Monyette Paris, with jasmine instead of gardenia and a much sweeter vanilla note. At first you get a blast of pure jasmine but it evolves quickly into a sticky sweet floral scent, like toffee-covered jasmine petals. Both longevity and projection are exceptional. It definitely is a wonderful sweet treat for cold winter nights.


So this jasmine isn't completely neutered, but it's certainly not indolic. It's sweet. Very sweet.
So sugar, clean jasmine and nag champa incense. A combination of a candy store & a head shop.


Jasmine Brown Sugar is exactly what it says on the tin: jasmine and brown sugar! Of course, there's an undercurrent of vanilla to it as well, but it really is straightforward, more sugary than floral. If you're not a fan of sweet scents - well, first of all, what are you even doing considering something with "sugar" in the name? Haha. Run in the other direction if you find that sweetness in perfumes gives you a headache. But if you are a sweet fan like me, give it a go!

When I say sweet, though, I do mean SWEET. Sweet in all caps! Perhaps it could be layered to make it drier or give it more depth, but on its own, it does smell very sticky and candy-like. It also has this inexplicably familiar feeling about it, like I've smelled it somewhere before. Perhaps the review below is spot on in mentioning candy floss. It does have a cotton candy vibe to it. But, it also reminds me of my big BPAL imp binge a few years ago, in a way. I'm sure they have something similar in their library but I can't recall the name (so helpful, I know).

All in all, I am happy I tried this. But again, unless you're very very into sweetness, I would have difficulty recommending it. It may be too much even for me, and sweet is what I "do", so like all things, get familiar with it before you go out and buy any. Voluspa makes room-scenting products in this flavor, so if you must buy unsniffed, those are a more manageable commitment than a full 4oz bottle.


wow sweet smelling candy
after the first spray i thought no i dont like it
then the rest of the day i kept smelling candy sugar like the smell around a fair ground [candy flozz] i am slowly begining to love this purfume
its like having a sugar rush but on your wrist and it seems to make me smile for some daft reason i would say best worn in winter when the cold wind blows and the frost and snow is all around as this perfume seems to gives a warm sweet smell that leaves you feeling snug and happy and evokes feelings of summer


my sweetie picked this out for me on valentine's day when we went shopping. I would have not picked this but an hour after wearing this and i was in love. its a very rich scent, jasmine in the beginning then it settles to a warm brown sugar/nag champa. i just finished a small bottle in 8 months!


this is sooo sweet that it could be attract a whole herd of different flies and bugs.

Before the electric bug-a-killers there used to be these little paper strips with some glue that attracted the flies who found themselves trapped; with only one option to escape i.e. legs off.

Jasmin Brown Sugar smells sticky - myself would cautiously walk around not to get stuck and die there on a strip of paper with this fragrance on - last moments in my life watching corpses of long dead bugs.

sorry guys - all i can add. there is incense, too.


vertigo, this is not even very very sweet... hmmm. it's airy and incensy, a bit sweet inbetween but never ever than sweet that you have to be an extreme gourmand lover to be pleased of this. don t know if you got the real thing? i purchased my 2nd bottle now and i m still amazed about this awesome scent every time i use it.... great signature scent and drive me to get lots of compliments. everybody wanna know what it is, but i don t tell ;o) ps. i m used to layer it with 'voluspa enfleurage' also, and it maches very well.


Excuse me!
I have so much different feelings than the previous reviewer. I think this scent is awful!
It came to my test-list because recently I've found myself a bit more into gourmands. But this is really just too much ...

The moment it touched my skin I could smell jasmine with mint on a vanilla-chocolate cream.
Then it was getting worse and worse.
The light floral accord disappeared, leaving only sweetness which I really disliked.
It's a kind of BUTTERY sweetness, very thick, heavy and somewhat greasy.
Like an artficial whipped cream with loads of caramel-like sauce.

Does it really smell like nag champa?
I thought I'd like this smell...

But this is a NO, not my thing at all.
Maybe for extreme-gourmand lovers ...


this is just awesome... i purchased it blind about having read some reviews about it, it smells like nag champa incense sticks, which i love so much... i m amazingly exited!

this perfume opens sweet and warm like a summerbreeze mingeld with the sunny skincent of the beach and the smell of hippiemarkets on goa - this wonderful incense sticks smell you catch in the air when walking around.

Jasmine Brown Sugar is slightly powdery and it warmth up the skin with very natural caramel-vanilla aroma.
it has a fresh breeze of cold freesia floating around as well. incensy-gourmand sweet trails are swirling around me since hours now and i just can t stop sniffing myself and bathing in the wonderful waves of this perfume... it's so incredible sexy and delightful. very very nice, soft and airy, but intense and charming at same time. not cloying or heavy nore a raw and oldfashioned hippie smell. it's just very very loveable and caressing.

who likes to feel the summerbreeze like a modern hippie on goa, just should give this definitely a try ! love it and the bottle is just sooo cute and nice with the tassle and the pink design on semiopaque milky glass.

sillage great
staying power great


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