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Dhofar Xerjoff for men

Dhofar Xerjoff for men
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Dhofar Xerjoff for men Pictures Dhofar Xerjoff for men Pictures

Dhofar by Xerjoff is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Dhofar was launched in 2009. Top notes are lavender, pine, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, sage, basil, coriander and litsea cubeba; middle notes are african orange flower, bay leaf, galbanum, nard himalayan (jatamansi) and rose; base notes are carnation, patchouli, sandalwood, french labdanum, vanilla, ambergris and resins.

Perfume rating: 3.81 out of 5 with 50 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Lavender Pine Bergamot Grapefruit Lemon Sage Basil Coriander litsea cubeba

Middle Notes
African Orange flower Bay Leaf Galbanum Nard Himalayan (Jatamansi) Rose

Base Notes
Carnation Patchouli Sandalwood French labdanum Vanilla Ambergris resins

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Dhofar Fragrance Reviews


Smells like a European car air freshener that shaped as a Pine tree

Don Fragrancio
Don Fragrancio

This was part of a discovery set I purchased a while back. I gave it an initial wearing months ago and the only thing I remember from that wearing was is it was unmemorable. I decided to give it another shot ....I'm glad I did.

Fantasticbarbershop vibe.
It has, to my nose, kind of a citrusy/piney opening mixed with bay leaf that comes out slightly harsh but unoffensive enough.
After a few minutes it starts to smooth out and Florals begin to appear "with lavender being the most identifiable". The florals are accompanied by Sandalwood, and what I detect as talcum powder.

It's not the same, but overall it has that kind of old school classic "feel" reminiscent of Pinaud Clubman, Brut, Floid and others.

It brings memories of my father and the Old Spice and Coffee silage trail he would leave as he rushed off to work in the mornings.

Dhofar made me smile. I'm so glad I didn't write this one off.

Longevity and Silliage is above average for this genre while projection in probably just average

Wear this anytime you want to feel like a classy "Mans Man" any season, day or night.

Is it dated? Without a doubt.
Is it overpriced? Probably.
Will you wear it a lot? Probably not.
How will you feel when you wear it? Like a man...Not a skinny jean, dress shoes with no socks, modern man...A real man. Like your Pops and grandpa.

Character: boxer "Rocky Barbella" played by Paul Newman in "Somebody up there Likes me"


The Shooting Stars Line has so many wonderful offerings to lift the soul........ Of the group: Uden, Kobe & Nio are the Top Tier in my humble opinion..... That being said, the others are nothing to sneeze at………. Dhofar is a fine example of this. It is a refreshing Woody Aromatic that has a beautiful Vetiver note; and although Vetiver is NOT LISTED in the breakdown- trust me when I say it is and very much PRESENT...... If you were to put this side-by-side with Vetiver 46 by Le Labo, you'd be challenged to distinguish them apart .... A MUST TRY for anyone who enjoys a multi-faceted frag with a healthy dose of Lavender & Vetiver!

Overall: 6.5/10


Momo dear to me, but the truth is more expensive!
Surprisingly, it does not who led here Paco Rabanne Sport! - Being a big fan of the latter, I categorically deny their similarity.
It is also strange that no one saw Dhofare its original matrix.
No pine needles no not in sight!
Slightly powdery rather dirty at the top notes of lavender, Dhofar shows us the heart and the base of easily readable bloodless remake of classic vintages Aramis: highly diluted in base amber - much easier than JHL while the heart is committed to Devin without reaching however, its clarity, depth and power.
At the core of its base I hear floral sweetness of maple syrup and cornflower oil.
Owners of vintage Aramis Devin easy to see that this time Momo appeared, alas! - Two heads below the old masterpiece of Bernard Chant


Very nice! Reminds me a bit of vintage paco rabanne pour homme Sport.


Great perfume with good longevity and valuable price!

عطری خوشبو با ماندگاری و پخش بوی مناسب و همچنین نسبت به بوی خاصش قیمت ارزنده ای داره


The fragrance is very multi-faceted, of high quality and good longevity.

After a very short period of a citrus-green opening the scent develops its complex woody firry character. Carnation, the clearly smellable bay leaf and resins give it a good amount of an enjoyable spiciness.

It can be said quite clearly that the scent is distinctively masculine. It’s a little bit old-school-like, but this in a good way of being stylish!


Wow! Dhofar is masculine no doubt about it this is the old spice/brut but for princes or fools depends how you look at it really?
I'm not a huge fan of these classic, old skool masculine 70's/80's type fragrances but they have a time and a place and I do appreciate and wear some.
I'm not one to gush or exaggerate (hopefully?)and although I'm comparing it to cheap & dated male fare, Dhofar is very classy and multi-faceted beyond belief! The journey from opening sniff do dry down is surely an interesting one.
Opens strong with a slight petrol type vibe you find in a few Xerjoff frags it then becomes clear what this one is about. There's clean citrus fruits pop out and then a hint of lavender nods toward a fougere type fragrance. Then a heavy woody spice from sandalwood with a bold, clean and green pine note. The resinous nature of labnanum and an incense vibe with a calming herbal aspect too. Then very clean, powdery, soapiness of carnation as it dries down this is more complex than the first impressions would indicate.
What I love about Dhofar is that it has none of the sour, mossy or musty elements which sometimes drag these fragrances down for me. The nose here has been very careful to create something which although not unique, gives the impression of it by re-imagining, like a great cover version of a classic song.
The bottom line is, would I pay the extortionate price for this fragrance? and the answer is...
Almost... but probably not.
One thing is for sure Dhofar reminds me of my dad and it's sure to do that for people of a certain age.
I think for all the positives I've stated about just how good Dhofar is and I'd even go as far to say it's probably the best masculine aromatic I've ever smelled. However the price tag is prohibitive it's only for those who can afford it and if you can.... great! If not stick to Fendi Uomo or Versace pour homme...or nameless other classics.


I discovered this company at the fair Fragranze 2012 in Florence Italy. It wasn't easy to find then the store that sells fragrances to the regular customer like me, but in the end I was able to buy the whole line from the site

I must say that there is a system to buy perfumes Xerjoff paying the relatively low price (the normal price of the bottle of 50 ml is up to US$ 260-325).

Since the Shooting Stars line and the Oud Stars line are the masterpieces of artistic perfumery, it is worth to buy the Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two and Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set that cost US$ 208 for each of the first two sets and US$ 254 for the Oud collection set. Of course there are the Discovery Sets for
XJ17/17 Collection (US$ 331) and XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (US$ 182), but personaly I do not like the last two lines, so I didn't order them.

In each set there are 6 fragrances of 15ml each and therefore the price for a volume of 50 ml drops to US$116 for Shooting Stars collection and to US$142 for Oud Stars collection instead of USD$ 260 and US$ 325 for full version bottles.

Ho scoperto questa casa di profumi alla fiera Fragranze 2012 a Firenze. Non era poi facile di trovare il negozio che vendesse i profumi ad un mortale come me, ma alla fine sono riuscito ad acquistare tutta la linea dal sito

Devo dire che c'è un sistema per comprare i profumi di Xerjoff al prezzo relativamente molto basso (il prezzo normale della bottiglietta di 50 ml arriva a circa €200-250).

Visto che tutta la linea Shooting Stars e la linea Oud Stars sono i capolavori della profumeria artistica, vale la pena a comprare il Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two e Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set che costano €160 per ciascuno dei primi due e €195 per la collezione Oud. Ovviamente esistono anche i Discovery Sets per
XJ17/17 Collection (€255) e per XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (€140), ma quest'ultimi a me non piacciono.

Nel ciascun set ci sono 6 profumi nelle bottigliette di 15ml e quindi il prezzo per un volume di 50ml crolla a €89 per Shooting Stars collection e €109 per Oud Stars invece di €200 per Shooting Stars e di €250 per Oud Stars.


Dhofar's opening lavender/coriander/pine accord is one of the ugliest and most unbalanced I've happened to experience on a masculine fragrance. It's just like seating on a piano keyboard and listen to the sound. Loud, cacophonic, anything but armonic. Unfortunately things don't get any better as Dhofar turns into a messy and overly soapy drydown. Meh.

Rating: 3/10

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

Starts out like a citrusy, herbal-lavender, slightly sweet and soapy men’s cologne. It’s possible that what smells like citrus is actually the listed pine needle note mixed with other citrus-like things. It seems to have a pinch of cumin and/or coriander in it and my initial assessment was that there is some vetiver at the base. However, on reading the notes and seeing that it contains “jatamansi”, it’s very likely that what gives it the cumin-vetiver combination is spikenard, which on its own provides an earthy-rooty-sweaty-cumin-like note. After a half hour or so the actual pine scent starts coming through, so there probably was citrus initially. Bergamot is so much of a given that they probably don’t even bother listing it in the notes. As the scent dries down, it becomes more and more of a typical “men’s cologne”, heavy on the lavender and cedar. The spikenard goes away, which is too bad since it provided an earthy note. At no time do I smell any labdanum or patchouli. Dhofar is well-made, but it’s not my style, since I’m not a big fan of lavender-heavy fougere-type fragrances.


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