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Esquel Xerjoff for women

Esquel Xerjoff for women
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Esquel Xerjoff for women Pictures Esquel Xerjoff for women Pictures

Esquel by Xerjoff is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Esquel was launched in 2009. Top notes are pink pepper, iris, lemon, lavender, bergamot and myrtle; middle notes are rose, patchouli, orange blossom, petitgrain, nard himalayan (jatamansi), ylang-ylang and cinnamon; base notes are vanilla, opoponax, tonka bean, vetiver and musk.

Perfume rating: 4.26 out of 5 with 38 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Pink Pepper iris Lemon Lavender Bergamot Myrtle

Middle Notes
Rose Patchouli Orange Blossom Petitgrain Nard Himalayan (Jatamansi) Ylang-Ylang Cinnamon

Base Notes
Vanilla Opoponax Tonka Bean Vetiver Musk

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Esquel Fragrance Reviews


This is another fragrance from my Christmas box of Shooting Stars mini bottles. I like it very much. The first time I tried it, the opening seemed incredibly "blue," rather as L'Heure Bleue is blue to me. I could distinguish no notes at all and was afraid that I wouldn't like it...especially as L'Heure Bleue and I do not get on. However, on the second attempt, the total mishmash of all the notes had sorted itself out and I could clearly smell the lavender and myrtle, warm and spicy. There is a little sweetness too, even at this early stage, very much along the lines of Lutens' Fourreau Noir. Projection was quite good and my husband commented on a lavender scent somewhere...

After three to four hours the fragrance calmed down to a warm and gently spicy vanilla in which the lavender was still very discernible, but I did not identify many of the other notes listed here. Possibly cinnamon was adding to the spice, but I did not positively identify it. At this stage projection was minimal but I could still clearly smell the perfume on myself, without having to stick my nose down my neck.

Towards the end of the day I was aware of something that made me think of the effect some jasmines have, with an almost faecal waft every now and again. That I don't like, but it was minimal and not enough to be a deal breaker for me.

Eleven hours after application the fragrance was still strong enough to notice on myself, which makes for excellent longevity, especially as I had applied only two very light sprays in the morning.

I really do like this fragrance and if it weren't for its similarity (on my skin) to Fourreau Noir I would certainly be considering a FB when this small bottle is gone. As I already have the Lutens, I will not be buying the FB but will happily use up my 15ml bottle.


This is a very nice perfume. It opens with citrus and floral/herbal notes, but isn't light or crisp in any way (a deep, smoky quality distinguishes this from many other citrus-based fragrances). It continues to develop into a softer, sweeter spicy vanilla with good lasting power. Overall, very nice with the exception of a brief but weird transitional phase (just after the opening) that smells exactly like fabric scorched with a clothing iron. Very strange experience, though short-lived, therefore not a show stopper. I give it an 8 out of 10. Don't know if I will decide to purchase a full bottle one day. Dhajala and Shingl are more interesting in my opinion.


كنت قد تكمت سابقا عن العطر والان ساضع بعض الاضافات:

المقدمة مزيج قد يراه البعض فواح اللافندر واضح ولكن ليس كرائحة عندما يكون منفرد ممزوج بروائح الحمضيات الاخرى
ولكن لايبفهم ان البداية كراوئح عطور الحمضيات ابدا تختلف

قلب العطر : يشارك البداية : وهو مزيج رائع من زهرة السوسن برائحتها البودرية السكرية بجانب لمسة الروز وشي من رائحة زهور البرتقال فهذا المزيج البودري السويتي فرائحة البودةر هنا عصرية فخمه قاعدة القاعطر تشارك بعد فترة بسيطة (النصف ساعه الاولى) روائح سمكوية سمكوية لطيفة مع شعور بتواجد الفانيلا ممما اعطى العطر في هذه المرحلة نوع من الفخامة والهدوء .

في هذه المحرلة ستعشر بوجود البخور اللطيف جدا مع روائح بودرية لطيفة وناعمة مع روائح للفانيلا
(لمحة البخور هنا تذكرني بالبخور الذي يستخدمة الاخوه بالسودان ليس مثله تمام ولكن لمحات منه

العطر اجد العطرهو احد افضل عطور مجموعة شوتينج ستار.,


Here we have yet another demonstration of the thesis that gender designations in perfume have become meaningless. Why is Xerjoff Esquel marketed to women, when the dominant notes are those of stereotypical men's colognes?

Lavender, herbs, and woods are very dominant in the opening. As the perfume develops it becomes a bit sweet, but then it just seems to me like a men's vanilla fougère. It never becomes very sweet, though, so I am wondering why this is not listed as unisex? I suppose that Esquel would seem unique, as a women's fragrance, but when considered more broadly, among men's and women's fragrances, there's nothing new here at all.

That said, the ingredients smell good and well blended. If you like lavender and herbs and wood and just a touch of vanilla sweetness and some good old fashioned oriental base, you'd probably like this perfume--whatever your gender happens to be!


it's amazing this fragrance similar interlude man of amouage exact in Incense scent trust me you will find this scent in this fragrance amazing if you like interlude man you will like this
it's rich fragrance

باختصار اذا اعجبك عطر انترلود مان من امواج سيعجبك هذا العطر قريبا من عطر انترولد مان في احد مراحله فقط قد تملح شيئ يذكرك بانترلود مان ربما رائحة البخور او الرائحة السمكوية عطر مميز اللافندر هنا جدا ناعم رائحة السويت مع الاريس جدا جدا رايقة حبيتها الفانيلا جدا هادئة وليست ثقيلة عطر مميز


Let's start with the opening: sweet citrus, wax and some kind of wood furniture cleaning product,not very pleasant for the first 30minutes.
After two hours the citrus turns into a discret lavender vanilla cream with citrus remaining on the top. Hour three you get a softening musk scent with chrismas cake and some very light cinnamon floating through the air. That's the stage I would like to get earlier without the weird wood wax in the beginning. Unfortunately the sillage is very discret. However the effect last about 7 hours if you continue sniffing your skin ....The parfum is quite intriguing due to the combination of a light citrus gourmand and an elegant discret vanilla chypre style, a pair that seems quite rare but NOT for me.


I discovered this company at the fair Fragranze 2012 in Florence Italy. It wasn't easy to find then the store that sells fragrances to the regular customer like me, but in the end I was able to buy the whole line from the site

I must say that there is a system to buy perfumes Xerjoff paying the relatively low price (the normal price of the bottle of 50 ml is up to US$ 260-325).

Since the Shooting Stars line and the Oud Stars line are the masterpieces of artistic perfumery, it is worth to buy the Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two and Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set that cost US$ 208 for each of the first two sets and US$ 254 for the Oud collection set. Of course there are the Discovery Sets for
XJ17/17 Collection (US$ 331) and XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (US$ 182), but personaly I do not like the last two lines, so I didn't order them.

In each set there are 6 fragrances of 15ml each and therefore the price for a volume of 50 ml drops to US$116 for Shooting Stars collection and to US$142 for Oud Stars collection instead of USD$ 260 and US$ 325 for full version bottles.

Ho scoperto questa casa di profumi alla fiera Fragranze 2012 a Firenze. Non era poi facile di trovare il negozio che vendesse i profumi ad un mortale come me, ma alla fine sono riuscito ad acquistare tutta la linea dal sito

Devo dire che c'è un sistema per comprare i profumi di Xerjoff al prezzo relativamente molto basso (il prezzo normale della bottiglietta di 50 ml arriva a circa €200-250).

Visto che tutta la linea Shooting Stars e la linea Oud Stars sono i capolavori della profumeria artistica, vale la pena a comprare il Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two e Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set che costano €160 per ciascuno dei primi due e €195 per la collezione Oud. Ovviamente esistono anche i Discovery Sets per
XJ17/17 Collection (€255) e per XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (€140), ma quest'ultimi a me non piacciono.

Nel ciascun set ci sono 6 profumi nelle bottigliette di 15ml e quindi il prezzo per un volume di 50ml crolla a €89 per Shooting Stars collection e €109 per Oud Stars invece di €200 per Shooting Stars e di €250 per Oud Stars.

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

Just to set the record straight, Esquel and the other "Shooting Stars" perfumes were launched within the past year or so, not in 1888. Apparently at some point Xerjoff took over another Italian perfume manufacturer, Casamorati, founded in 1888, and has perpetuated several of their perfumes under the 1888 label.

Esquel starts off sweet and citrusy, with aromatic herbs like lavender or, more precisely, artificially lavender-scented soap or men’s shaving product. Not the most auspicious start. As the scent develops, it takes on a hint of nutmeg and vanilla, and the lavender becomes a little more woody and realistic. After about 2 hours it dries down to a powdery nutmeg vanilla musk scent that is actually quite lovely. The vanilla musk seems to be the stable state because it lasts for the rest of the day. There's plenty of sillage throughout. A good perfume, especially in the later stages, but not worth the price.


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