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Marquee Xerjoff for women and men

Marquee Xerjoff for women and men
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Marquee Xerjoff for women and men Pictures Marquee Xerjoff for women and men Pictures

Join the Club Collection includes ten perfumes representing ten different kind of virtual clubs. Fatal Charme is about elegance, glamour and fashion; Ivory Route is an adventure and travelling club; Marquee represents a theater club; Kind of Blue is all about jazz; 40 knots is a yachts club; Ascot Moon is a horse club; Birdie is for golf lovers; Comandante is for fine cigar lovers; Shunkoin is for meditation and More than Words captures the world of writers and poets.

The ingredients of these fragrances are to be kept a secret. However, each fragrance will have its identification card with a number which one could use to join the real club of the owners of these perfumes. That’s how the concept goes from virtual clubs to forming a real one.

The bottles of the fragrances are made out of authentic blue glass; not the tinted kind but the glass of which the production is limited and are very rare. Marquee was launched in 2012.

Perfume rating: 3.17 out of 5 with 31 votes.

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Marquee Fragrance Reviews

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Marquee is a bit of a disappointment. It opens with a great rose-green-spicy floral accord, with quite a heavy dose of aldehydes, cloves, aromatic woods, citrus and perhaps bergamot, and overall, it smells a bit like a Mediterranean, simpler version of some classic Amouage. Quite an interesting blend of two different "realms", the Oriental sensual opulence and the Mediterranean/European more "austere" mossy/earthy inspiration. However, the aldehydes' presence is quite bold and noticeable, and to me not that pleasant, since as some of the initial notes vanish, it basically slowly takes the blend closer to some "high-line" mainstream scents (some recent Chanel's or Guerlain's), so not bad, still floral/fruity/green, but not exactly that high-quality in terms of depth, width, "interest". It evolves into a dull, clean, artificial, inoffensively elegant floral scent, with a contemporary glamour transparency. The opening of Amouage, the drydown of Coco Mademoiselle, an evolution slowly taking away your smile (ok, that's sad, it's not that bad, I just wanted to play it pathetic).



The fragrance notes to this are inaccurate. I don't mean, to my nose. I mean, these are not the notes of Marquee at all.

Marquee is a heavy, patchouli scent that sweetens with time into a heavy bittersweet marvel and leaves a trail like a slow motion moment in time. I had the pleasure to try it at my local perfumery store, went home, opened fragrantica to share my impression, and got so turned around by the misleading notes on this perfume line, I accidentally reviewed Ivory Route because it had the closest notes to what I sampled. I went back today to recheck because I wanted to be certain, and sure enough, it was not Ivory Route at all, it was Marquee. My initial review went like so: "Heavenly heaviness. Opens with a bitter, slightly medicinal, slightly sweet, dense patchouli, and leaves a trail that's impossible to miss. Quiets down but never tames, and retains its character throughout the whole experience." and I stand by it. Marquee makes the likes of the infamous Samsara seem like a vaguely pleasant but forgettable dream you had a while ago.


Видимо я не сумел донести свою мысль относительно линии Join The Club от Xerjoff: это первый бренд, который не побоялся отказаться от списка ингредиентов именно потому, что этот список и сбивает с толку покупателя. Я могу признаться, что трижды заказывая по Интернету ароматы известных элитных брендов, основываясь на ингредиентах (выуженных со страниц Fragrantica). Это случалось потому, что в Италии не было возможности найти эти ароматы вживую. Должен сказать что все 3 раза были неудачны: несмотря на то что сами ингредиенты мне нравились вцелом и по отдельности, несмотря на то, что все они входили в состав парфюмов которые я приобретал вживую и раньше и которые мне нравились, общая формула приобретённых по интернету ароматов не стоила того (да ещё и за €350 за каждый флакон в среднем). Именно поэтому я не хочу вдаваться в инсинуации по поводу того чем пахнет этот аромат, да пожалуй и вся линия Join The Club от Xerjoff. Я полагаю, что намного ценнее в комментарии: умение передать ощущение от аромата, помочь понять ситуацию в которой ощущает себя человек примеряющий этот аромат на себе. По статусу ли ему этот запах, по силам ли ему этот уровень? Так же как в Китае существовали цвета в одежде дозволенные лишь Императору, точно так же и ароматы: это не маска под которой может скрыться батрак, выдавая себя за Графа, но скорее это Сам Граф ещё более подчеркивает яркое творение парфюмера примеряя его творение на себя. Надеюсь в этот раз я пояснил свою мысль.

You may ask me why I tell nothing about the ingredients of JTC line. I'm sure that Join The Club of Xerjoff is actually the first brand that is not afraid to keep in secret the list of ingredients, precisely because this list often confuses the customer. I can admit that I've ordered three perfumes of famous luxury brands from their websites, basing my choise on the ingredients list (found on This happened because in Italy it wasn't possible to find these perfumes anywhere. I must say that all 3 times were unsuccessful in spite of the fact that I liked the ingredients themselves separately, in fact that they were also a part of a lot of perfumes I acquired before and I liked them, the perfumes I've purchased on the Net was really my taste (and I paid for them like € 350 per bottle on average). That's why I do not want to make insinuations about the ingredients of Join The Club line. I believe that much more valuable in the review: the ability to convey the feeling from the aroma itself and to help to understand the situation in which a person that tries on the fragrance may find himself. He has to assess if he could afford this level? As well as in China there were colors in clothing permitted only to the Emperor, in the same way it works with perfumes: it's not a mask which can hide the pleb, posing him as Earl, but rather it's the Count himself emphasizes the creation of perfumer when he tries on his creation. I hope that this time I did explain my idea about the niche fragrances.

Se mi chiederete perché non dico nulla agli ingredienti della linea JTC, vi risponderò che sono sicuro che la linea delle fragranze Join The Club di Xerjoff è in realtà il primo marchio che non aveva paura di tenere nascosto un elenco degli ingredienti, proprio perché proprio questo elenco confonde spesso il cliente. Posso ammettere che ho ordinato almeno 3 profumi di lusso dei Nomi famosi dai loro siti web, basando la mia scelta sulla lista degli ingredienti (che si trova ad esempio su Questo è accaduto perché in Italia non è stato possibile trovare questi profumi da nessuna parte. Devo dire che tutte le volte non ho avuto successo, nonostante il fatto che mi piacevano (separatamente) gli ingredienti e che addirittura facevano parte di un sacco dei profumi che avevo acquisito nel passato nelle profumerie in città e che, comunque, mi piacevano, i profumi che ho acquistato su Internet sono stati un vero fallimento (e ho pagato per loro circa € 350 per bottiglia). È per questo che non voglio fare insinuazioni riguarda gli ingredienti di Join The Club. Credo che molto più importante nella recensione: la capacità di trasmettere la sensazione che crea la fragranza, ma anche riuscir aiutare a capire la situazione in cui una persona che veste questo profumo potrebbe trovarsi. Si dovrebbe valutare seriosamente se potesse permettersi questo livello. Lo sapete comunque che in Cina erano proibiti certi colori per l'uso della gente comune nell'abbigliamento, perché erano permessi solo all'Imperatore, allo stesso modo questo vale per i profumi: il profumo di nicchia non è una maschera dietro quale si può nascondere la plebe, facendo finta di essere un signore, ma piuttosto è il Conte che si privilegia la creazione di profumiere quando lo veste. Mi auguro che questa volt sono riuscito a spiegare meglio la mia idea riguarda la profumeria di nicchia.


Is there something more similar than theater and elite perfumes? Expensive perfume is like a carnival mask: you should be lucky to find a talent actor under it, but normally you'll discover only another Harlequin. If that is what you think about all Niche Perfumery, you're wrong, - it's not the case of Xerjoff perfumes. Marquee Theatre Club doesn't accept the hypocrisy. You won't hide here dirty thoughts and unforgivable behavior. It won't protect you from curious eyes of the crowd. Marquee is the fragrance that opens the door to the mysterious and exclusive club, where people have pure soul and pure thoughts. Do you still think that it's some kind of virtual club? But then, also the theater is far from reality, but it makes us laugh and cry and forget that behind the scenes even sunlight recreated with powerful floodlights. I think that this fragrance is some kind of self-portrait of Xerjoff creator Sergio Momo: simply and genius, modest and uncompromising... Isn't it the trait of really great actor? Marquee is a fragrance of the world of theater: precious wood and velvet of the theater boxes, gold and crystal of the theater chandelier and then the modesty behind the scenes, because the true art is never snobby.

Non credi che i profumi di nicchia hanno molto in comune con un teatro? Ma pensi che un profumo esclusivo sia come una maschera di carnevale: si dovrebbe essere fortunati a trovarvi un attore di talento, ma di solito si scopra solo un altro Arlecchino. Purtroppo questo succede spesso, ma non nel caso dei profumi di Xerjoff. Marquee Theatre Club non accetta l'ipocrisia. Qui non si nasconde i pensieri sporchi ed il comportamento imperdonabile, non ti proteggerà da occhi indiscreti della folla. Marquee è una fragranza che apre la porta al Club misterioso ed esclusivo, dove le persone hanno l'anima pura ed i pensieri onesti. Allora credi ancora che sia una specie di un Club virtuale? Insomma, anche il teatro è lontano dalla realtà, ma ci fa ridere e piangere e dimenticare che dietro le quinte, anche la luce del sole viene ricreata con i proiettori potenti. A me sembra anche che questo profumo è una sorta di autoritratto di Sergio Momo (il creatore di marchio Xerjoff): un uomo semplice e geniale, modesto e irreconciliabile... Non è fosse la caratteristica di un attore di grande talento? Marquee è un profumo del mondo di teatro: legno pregiato e velluto dei palchi, oro e cristallo del lampadario e poi la modestia dietro le quinte, perché la vera arte non accetta lo snobismo.


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