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Oroville Xerjoff for men

Oroville Xerjoff for men
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main accords
white floral
Oroville Xerjoff for men Pictures

Oroville perfume from the Shooting Stars Collection is an unexpected variation on the theme of tobacco. Oroville opens with top notes of Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage setting the stage for a rich, leathery and floral heart of Orange Flowers and Italian Neroli wrapped in Carnation and Tobacco leaves from Cuba. Base notes of precious Sandalwood from Mysore, galbanum, vanilla, amber and white musks round out the entire composition and provide a timeless depth. Oroville is a modern take on a classical experience.

> It is available as 50 and 100 ml EDP. Oroville was launched in 2009.

Perfume rating: 3.02 out of 5 with 57 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Chamomile Clary Sage Orange

Middle Notes
Carnation African Orange flower Neroli Tobacco Galbanum

Base Notes
Musk Sandalwood Amber Vanille

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The Maj
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Oroville Fragrance Reviews


Very sophisticated. A scent for a fuzzy gentleman. Luxury in a bottle. 9/10


Am I crazy or is everyone else? I really wanted this to be a floral tobacco kind of fragrance but on my skin it is a carnation bomb. I get powdery florals and neroli and a seriously potent dry potpourri in grandma's foyer-or bathroom.

Not at all what I was expecting and while I'm not marking it down for that: I can't justify it on its own either.

Fades quickly from the potpourri and turns into a one dimensional "neroli cosmetics" kind of vibe. Just a disappointment from the house of Xerjoff to me.

Scent: 5/10. It isn't offensive but it smells dated and expected.

Projection: 8/10 for the first 20-30 minutes for sure. Excellent, but drops to a solid and sad 3/10 somewhere around the hour-hour and a half mark. nothing after hour 2.

Sillage: 8/10 for the first 20-30 minutes. Excellent of course but again drops off hard and fast for no good reason.

Longevity: sadly... 4/10 (I can hear the angry mob coming). Four hours max on my skin. For any fragrance-let alone a xerjoff this is unacceptable at half this price.

Would I buy a full bottle: no. If I were given one as a gift, I would be glad to have it for the particular quick encounters with very particular people who would appreciate it fully but Id never go through the whole bottle and I would feel bad for whomever apent that kind of money on me for that little pay off.

Don Fragrancio
Don Fragrancio

I received Oroville as part of the Xerjoff Shooting Stars 2 Discovery set. The set included 6 fragrances: Nio, Uden, Kobe, Modoc, Dhofer and Oroville. When it arrived, to be honest, I was least excited about this one. To my surprise, this is possibly my favorite of the collection and easily the most Versatile.

While the heavy hitters of the collection (namely Nio, Uden, and Kobe) are outstanding Oroville seems the underdog and often overlooked.

One of the most versatile selections in my collection, it opens with neroli and another citrus....possibly blood orange??
This isnt citrus how you are thinking, it's not a "juicy" citrus, I mean don't get me wrong it's fresh but it has more of a dryness to it at the front with the neroli taking center stage and the tobacco drying it out.

20 minutes in is when Oroville really starts to shine.
The citrus is still clearly present but the Tobacco is now the star and now it's joined by a very creamy Sandalwood/Chamomile combo with just the slightest hint of vanilla.

There is something slightly floral happening too? Not flower shop or decaying flower's much more fresh than that. It's more like a walk outside through a flowery meadow in the spring as the sun is going down floral!!!

As it evolves a boozyness starts to come into play. Wow is this a Beauty!!!

Performance wise I get above average longevity while projection and Silliage are average.

Wear Oroville day or night any season but it probably leans more toward evenings if it's super hot. While Oroville seems a bit formal it is also a phenomenal date night option that can easily be pulled of at the office as well. My wife loves it on me she says it "makes her linger." So well blended I truly don't understand why this one hasn't received more attention. The secret is officially out.

Character: Elliot Ness played by Kevin Costner in "The Untouchables"


I'm putting a self imposed restriction on myself to not post a review until I've worn something at least 5 times. Too many times I've pontificated on something that my nose just hadn't acquainted itself with. It's kind of like you don't know someone until you really know someone.
I'm on wearing #6 or 7 with Oroville and yep, it's neroli wrapped in tobacco leaves and it's fantastic and a definite keeper.


A citrus aromatic that’s almost entirely devoid of character. All the usual players are present: lemon verbena, neroli, sage, but it’s all sanitized and primped so that none of the bite of the standard EdC genre remains. There’s just so little to say about this perfume: citrus, white florals, slightly soapy, mildly herbal. It’s well done from top to bottom, but it smells like something you’d expect to find in the locker room of a private country club or something — one for the sweater-over-the-shoulders crowd. It holds up well, though, even after the top notes have vacated the scene. As pristine and sparkly as a freshly scrubbed toilet.

Fábio Condé
Fábio Condé

A unique scent in a way.
Oroville fits those contradictory fragrances, making it complex and somewhat unusual way in perfumery.
Opens with an incredible burst citrus, green and very clean, the difference for me is chamomile that brings me a tone of tea and green at the same time and brings me a great and calm sensation, and within seconds enters neroli with a white floral aspect and incredibly well mixed with a tobacco and realistic and it seems that recently used, a clean in a dirty chord at the same time, risky and daring, successful without doubt.
Creates a kind of golden tobacco / leather with a luxury soap, summarizing this incredible aroma, brings me to Monsieur Rochas, a work of art.

Rating: 8-8,5/10


well... it's like an orange soap with a bit of sand smell & some white clean Lenin. i can smell the Neroli but not that zesty orange Neroli, but the calm one. to be honest, i'll never pay 250$+ for 50 ml of this perfume. i MIGHT pay around 50$ for a 75 to 100 ml of this MAX, and it would have been better if it were even 30$ for the 100 ml. im not saying it has cheap quality no, what im saying is that there is nothing special at all about this perfume to make me pay that much, sorry but it doesn't worth it's price at all.


Xerjoff Shooting Stars Oroville...
This is a perfect addition to my collection,It is a fragrance composed around the note of Tobacco,but totally different from all my other tobacco based fragrances,at first I was a little confused with this gem,now that I'm understanding it better I can honestly say that Im loving it,This is Tobacco for Summer,in fact I see Oroville more as a Creamy Citrus scent with an extra touch of Tobacco to add a slightly dirty quality to the African Orange Flower Neroli,Orange combo than anything alse.
There is a chamomile note listed on the Note pyramid but I'm not really familiar with that note,so I can't speak much about it,but what I can tell you is that the African Orange Flower here combined with the spicy tobacco feels very nice,similar to Kobe also from the Shooting Stars Collection in the sense of how there is a slight dirty touch added to the citrus,Orovile also feels a little soapy as well,clean,gentle & refined with a nice touch of sweetness from the vanilla used in the composition and there is a nice creamy Sandalwood that increases the creaminess of this Gem...
People often get caught off with the most popular releases from the houses and tend to overlook the other jewels. Fragrance Family do yourself a favor,check this one out.

new friend
new friend

Oroville Xerjoff for men
عطر أوروفيل من زيرجوف من مجموعة شوتينج ستارز للرجال
مع أول رشات من عطر أوروفيل وجدتني أبحث عن وصف لهذه الحالة التي ادخلني إليها العطر مباشرة.
فلم أجد غير كلمة واحدة هي "كرنفال البرتقال الإيطالي"
وهو احتفال يقام في مدينة البندقية "فينيسيا الإيطالية في شهر فبراير من كل عام.
إنه بحق عطر كرنفالي الشخصية، برتقالي النكهة.
البداية ستكون مع المريمية " clary sage": ذات الرائحة العطرية الكافورية المميزة وهي تستخدم في إزالة الروائح الكريهة، والمساعدة على تسريع الادراك الحسي وكمنشط للذاكرة.
والكاموميل أو البابونج: والمعروف بخصائصه المهدئة ، والقدرة على الحد من التوتر، فضلا عن استخدامه بكثرة في مستحضرات العناية بالبشرة.
موطنه الأصلي جنوب وشرق أوروبا وغرب آسيا. والمستخدم هنا هو البابونج الروماني ذو القاعدة الدافئة السويتية.
وأما اللاعب الرئيسي - رغم كثافة البابونج - فهو زيت البرتقال الإيطالي الحلو ذو الرائحة المنعشة.
والذي أحيانا يكون المكون الوحيد لبعض أنواع الكولونيا المنعشة.
فالافتتاحية إذن منعشة ذات خصائص تأثيرية ممتازة على الناحية النفسية للمستخدم.
حوالي نصف الساعة لتصطدم أنفك بلفحات رائعة لا مثيل لها من التوباكو الكوبي الفاخرولكنها تهرب ثم تعود وكأن كريستيان روستان تلاعبك "الاستغماية"، لكم تود أن تمسك بهذه الرائحة الخشبية الرائعة للتوباكو الفاخر التي تمتزج بعبق زهرة القرنفل الحار.
ولكن تأتي أزهار البرتقال الإيطالي الحلو والأفريقي المر وهي من جملة الأزهار البيضاء التي جاورت التبغ الفاخر وزهرة القرنفل الحارة الشرقية الطابع ليكون المزيج في القلب وكأنهما كفتين متوازيتين ما بين القوة والفخامة والحرارة أمام الانتعاش والحلاوة التي تقترب أحيانا من رائحة الياسمين البري.
ثم يأتي اللبان العطري المر لتثبيت وتعميق رائحة هذا المزيج.
وأعتقد أن قلب العطر هو المنطقة العبقرية التي كنت أود اكتشافها في هذا العطر فنحن دائما اعتدنا على وجود التوباكو مع نوتات سويتية من العسل او الكراميل.
ولكن كريستيان لعبتها ببراعة حينما استعارت سويتية زهرة البرتقال وأشعلتها بحرارة زهرة القرنفل مع ادخال الراتينج للقضاء على اي تناقض.
أما القاعدة فتبدو مألوفة من العنبر والفانيليا والمسك الأبيض وأخشاب صندل ميسور العطري الفاخر.
وهذا الخليط المختار تفوح منه روائح متناغمة تعطي أي عطر إذا لم تمتزج بشيء يفسد هذا المزاج طابعا غورمانديا رائعا يندر وجوده بعد هذه الافتتاحية والقلب الأروماتيكية.
وقبل الختام أود أن أدون شيئا عن هذه الدار زيرجوف
لو كان هذا النمط هو المتبع في كل عطور الدار فيمكن القول أنك مع عطور زيرجوف ستحصل على:
1- فخامة واضحة لا تحتاج إلى تدقيق لاكتشافها.
2- نقاء مكونات لا مثيل له.
3- وضوح انتقالي تام بين نوتات العطر الثلاث.
أما ما يخص عطر أوروفيل تحديدا فأنا أراه يصلح للجنسين بامتياز.
النقاء والثبات والفوحان بدرجة الامتياز.
العطر لكل محبي النيرولي والتوباكو مع أجواء غورماندية رائعة.


I applied XerJoff OROVILLE today a bit warily after my experience of NAJAF, but my concerns were for naught: not a drop of oud anywhere to be sniffed!

Instead, this complex composition packs a pretty punch of galbanum mingling with a few different flowers and what seems like a rich and smooth base. I'm a bit surprised that chamomile and clary sage are in this mix, because the blend does not reveal either of those notes, characteristically difficult especially in the case of chamomile, which sometimes ends up smelling bitter and sour at the same time.

I feel that OROVILLE is somehow familiar, but I cannot decide which perfume it is reminding me of. It's a lighter presentation of galbanum than is found in some classic chypres, but it is still ever-so-slightly twangy. I feel that the greenness has been mellowed and softened by the amber and vanilla, although this is not at all sweet to my nose and it's definitely not an amber perfume--nothing like DHAJALA from this house.

This all sounds quite vague and nondescript, but ultimately I find OROVILLE indescribable, so all I can really say is that I do like it and recommend it for a sniff by those who appreciate galbanum. I hasten to add that this is nothing like Miller Harris TERRE DE BOIS or other super-heavy galbanum perfumes, so those who sometimes find galbanum a difficult wear may be pleasantly surprised by OROVILLE.

I consider this perfume to be entirely unisex and do not know why it has been specified for men.


I discovered this company at the fair Fragranze 2012 in Florence Italy. It wasn't easy to find then the store that sells fragrances to the regular customer like me, but in the end I was able to buy the whole line from the site

I must say that there is a system to buy perfumes Xerjoff paying the relatively low price (the normal price of the bottle of 50 ml is up to US$ 260-325).

Since the Shooting Stars line and the Oud Stars line are the masterpieces of artistic perfumery, it is worth to buy the Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two and Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set that cost US$ 208 for each of the first two sets and US$ 254 for the Oud collection set. Of course there are the Discovery Sets for
XJ17/17 Collection (US$ 331) and XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (US$ 182), but personaly I do not like the last two lines, so I didn't order them.

In each set there are 6 fragrances of 15ml each and therefore the price for a volume of 50 ml drops to US$116 for Shooting Stars collection and to US$142 for Oud Stars collection instead of USD$ 260 and US$ 325 for full version bottles.

Ho scoperto questa casa di profumi alla fiera Fragranze 2012 a Firenze. Non era poi facile di trovare il negozio che vendesse i profumi ad un mortale come me, ma alla fine sono riuscito ad acquistare tutta la linea dal sito

Devo dire che c'è un sistema per comprare i profumi di Xerjoff al prezzo relativamente molto basso (il prezzo normale della bottiglietta di 50 ml arriva a circa €200-250).

Visto che tutta la linea Shooting Stars e la linea Oud Stars sono i capolavori della profumeria artistica, vale la pena a comprare il Shooting Stars - Discovery Sets - Part One and Part Two e Oud Stars Collection - Discovery Set che costano €160 per ciascuno dei primi due e €195 per la collezione Oud. Ovviamente esistono anche i Discovery Sets per
XJ17/17 Collection (€255) e per XJ Casamorati 1888 Vintage Collection (€140), ma quest'ultimi a me non piacciono.

Nel ciascun set ci sono 6 profumi nelle bottigliette di 15ml e quindi il prezzo per un volume di 50ml crolla a €89 per Shooting Stars collection e €109 per Oud Stars invece di €200 per Shooting Stars e di €250 per Oud Stars.


I'll probably have to resign to the fact that Xerjoff is not my favorite house (euphemistically). Most of their fragrances are like bad songs played by an incredibly skilful band. The musicians' ability is stunning but the songs don't move you.

Oroville makes no exceptions. The clary sage/tobacco made me initially think about something challenging, dirty and very masculine but all I got was a powdery vanilla/tobacco mix, leaden by an harsh white floral presence during the opening and the middle phase. In the drydown things get a little better bot nowhere close matching my taste. Too polished, to mannered, too affected.

Rating: 6/10


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